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--- Quote from: AlexF on 24 January, 2022, 07:56:43 AM ---What can I say, I'm a Krull man.
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Beastmaster could take them both. With one ferret tied behind his back.

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Tron all the way - drive circles around these pretenders

Hey look, if we're going to champion 1980s fantasy films, I'm going to bat for Starchaser: the Legend of Orin.

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Barrington Boots:
I'm on another Prog drought but am back on the Meg for Lawless and Hawk.  This month Lawless, Surfer and the Hawk floppy are terrific: everything else is just kind of alright.

Lush art on Hawk the Slayer and a nice setup. Hawk himself is completely generic and the film itself shines on it's supporting characters and villains so looking forward to seeing where this goes next. Hawk > Krull but I'd read a Krull comic as well (in fact, I think I did in the 80s) and I'd DEFINITELY read a Beastmaster comic. John M Burns painting it please. Can he do ferrets?*

*I have previously kept ferrets and the little fuckers are no way as cool as the ones in the film.


--- Quote from: AlexF on 24 January, 2022, 07:56:43 AM ---... although I will happily read the free comic, I'm not piqued enough to become a Hawk fan.

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Get thee behind me ...

Actually, this is possibly one of those films that are worth watching with a breeze block of caution.  Just like "Defcon 4" or "Red Dawn" might elicit a vague nostalgic sense, so too might this.  In the same vein, viewers might come away thinking "WTF."

So it might be worth bearing in mind how many of us fall into the KOS category [Knackered Old S**s]


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