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Author Topic: Qualifying 1- David Stone or Andy Diggle - Ultimate Not Wagner Tournament  (Read 1324 times)

Colin YNWA

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Oh there's a thing the might Cosh's addition means I don't have to make the call I was actually finding quite hard and with a BIG thank you to abelardsnazz for confirming my count. On that basis our first person though to the second round of qualifying is -

Andy Diggle

- in a close 'race' he edged out David Stone 12  to 11.

My thanks to everyone who participated in this which got a LOT more traction than I was expecting - helped I think by this a really interesting opening one to ponder.

Next up tomorrow the result of Alec Worley and Kenneth Neimand - another one that's turned out to be fascinating.


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Stone - Armitage was a worthy read and although Diggle has gone on to write standout strips for other publishers his 2000AD legacy is as Tharg not as droid.