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The Walking Dead, Book 1

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Well, it was recommended on the board, and I was looking for something to buy, so I picked up Walking Dead, as it was cheap.

What did I think...  (may well contain spoilers)

Well, it was a bit 'hmmm...'

In the introduction it claimed to have more in common with Romero's movies than the splatterfest ones, and I'm not so sure.  I think the remake of Dawn beat this into a cocked hat on all fronts, never mind the original.

Not much happened, the start of the book was the same as 28 days later, a certain plot set up is resolved really quickly, and in my opinion hugely fucking coincidentally (millions of people and he finds the ones he wanted in a group of TEN survivors).

It's over emotional in all the wrong places, the guy cries so often he must have a hormone imbalance, slightly cringeworthy in this and the general gung-ho-edness.

I found the thought of seven year olds being armed with guns and killing people as well as zombies very distasteful.  Yeah so they look a bit sad when the kid kills someone, but fucking hell, this is gun nut whacko philosophy here.  'oh, if he does something bad with the gun, we'll take it off him'  Bloody hell!  And no, killing a man doesn't count, he was bad you see (bad in several ways really, when he goes onto his rant at the end, I would have happily shot him).

On the plus side, nice art, often too 'jokey and fun' for my liking but very nice.  There were a few nice characters, I liked the old man with the camper.  But nothing really meaty in the relationships.  Basically it's not bad, I just expect a lot more.

I've tried 3 american books recomended to me in the last year or two.  Hellboy, Y the last man, and now walking dead.  I have to say, they really all do come across as pretty lightweight pieces of entertainment.  Fluff, for want of a better term.  I think I'm better off not bothering with american comic books, they really just don't give me what I want.  Very dissapointing.

I'll be flogging this back off at bristol I reckon ;)

Avoid the GN of 'Dawn of the Dead'. Its a load of poorly drawn crap.

The Amstor Computer:
...and once again, in defence of Hellboy ;-)

HB is pure pulp: Kirby meets Nazi superfiends and world mythology. It's a very personal book to Mignola, but I don't believe it is - or is intended to be - anything more than an entertaining diversion. If you go looking for something more than that in the book, you're not going to find it.

Rob Spalding:
I found this book to be much stronger than the review above.  Yeah, so he finds the people he's after in a convinient way, but the explantion doesn't seem that forced.
There is some great imagery, like the full page spread of zombies all over a tank and filling the entire street.
While I've not been able to get hold of it regularly, the later issues have built on the premise and it looks like it will be long running.  No usual end of zombie film "what happens now?" stuff.  The author has promised we will follow the hero all the way through.  He has recommended jumping off at about issue 70 or so as that's when he thinks he'll run out of zombie ideas and have aliens invade.

Byron Virgo:
I've been enjoying the series since Adlard took over art duties, as it's got a bit more serious, and pretty damn tense as well! The characters feel a bit more relaxed and real as well.

Know what you mean about the others: I didn't rate Y at all, but Hellboy is lightweight fun - fantastic art, but not much of a story really.

Don't give up on American comics altogether though Paul, you've just got to search around a bit for the good stuff, but it is out there.


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