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The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread

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My understanding is that the script is done for the sequel just waiting for the artists. So yes FTB was a great new edition to the prog

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: broodblik on 25 November, 2021, 06:09:56 AM ---My understanding is that the script is done for the sequel just waiting for the artists. So yes FTB was a great new edition to the prog

--- End quote ---

Oh that's great news - I'd not heard anything so I'm chuffed to hear that. Thanks Broodblik.

Colin YNWA:

On the Outs

This is a very hard post for me to type.

Very hard.

Long term readers of my nonsense will be well aware of my love of Sinister Dexter. As many have drifted from their warm and charming murdeous embrace, I've seen the golden, bullet riddled glow is still there. The recent run with Steve Yeowell has seen the strip storm back to its very finest form, and its not as if it was bowed low before that raise. Its just got better.

Then Bulletopia hit and all the issues of timing killing momentum, that others, not me, OTHERS have rolled out struck me. In this instance it was right. Why now.

Well The Moses War (just to sight an example) was perfectly structured to support the story in short stories that built to the greater whole. Dabnett and Williams (and others as they came) handled it brilliantly. Giving you what you needed to read each tale in isolation, reward the long term reader with a steadily building epic. So it did kinda fumble the ending, rush to the line as if Dabnett got word of the disatisfaction and decided he needed to move on.

So move on he did. And well. Starting to skillfully craft a new reality for them, while respecting, playfully the old.

The Bulletopia.

Bulletopia is structured differently. Bulletopia is a story designed to be presented as a single epic (well I say that I of course mean from my reading, I have no idea of Dabnett's intent). Its about desperation, fleeing and horrible last stand. The ultimate example of our deadly duo having their worst moments when seperated. Its needs drive and focus and attention to build the sense of danger and awful flight... instead we get













And that sinks it. SUCH a shame. This time. I have no doubt that the series will continue, will re-find its feet. I just hope whatever factors are needed are allowed to happen to give it what it needs. That's not happened with this story. We must move on...

... except this exposes another issue we will have to face together. As Self Absorb melds into NuYNWA its becoming harder and harder for the YNWAs to seperate themselves, for Self Absorbed to not be Nu and bound by Nu's thoughts. Here this problem is exposed.

In Prog 2185 Carrie said

--- Quote ---'We think the rogue A.I. is about twenty two years old.'
--- End quote ---

Now that's a very specific reference. 22 years, not 20, not about 20, 22. Now while S&D doesn't move in a Dredd style year for year basis, this story is meta enough (I think) to have normally sent me flying back to the S&D stories of 1998 to see what hints this was leading to... or whether I was over reading... either way I should have been flying back.

I didn't. I acknowledged that I should... but I didn't and that's a sure sign that NuYNWA's disenfranchised feelings for this story are crushing Self-Absorbs YNWA's ability to view afresh.

The end is near...

Colin YNWA:

Its the end of the year as we know it and even Skip Tracer is fine

Well fine might be over stating it. Skip Tracer - Hyperballard is pretty good, I mean its fun, it not exactly earth shattering but its a decent read and the foil of India Sumner works to soften the strip's needlessly 90s hardman lead.

All around it though the Prog is in fine form. There's been some fantastic Dredds from 'Carry the Nine' to 'They shoot talking horses don't they?' the epilogues to End of Days far surpassing the story itself, far surpassing them. That then leads into the brilliant 'Simply Normal' the latest (in self absorbed land) Ken Niemand story, quite superb.

The return of Stickleback after, what 6 years is pretty scaled up as the tale explodes into giant monsters battling over the soul of London. The very fabric of the world's softening and so many illusions to the Edgverse... oh and the Sherlock think forms a little backbone, but doesn't yet define the strip. Still its a pretty blistering return.

Speaking of returns Hookjaw's is quite the thing. Its a fantastic modern folk horror. Examining legend in the modern age and feature a giant morphing man shark tearing as many folks as possible apart in a way as brutal the original series. Its really is quite the thing and its brilliant fun and does a wonderful job of being its own thing, but holding hands tightly with the original.

This is all wrapped up with Fiends of the Eastern Front - Constanta a fantastic origin wrapped in layer of legend and myth. Its interesting as like Hyperballard it runs one familar ground when you look under the bonnett its not especially original. Its just told so well, so beautifully horribly rendered by Tiernen Trevallion it works on a whole different level to the strip I mentioned earlier. Just goes to show there are many things that go into making a thrill work.

And one of those is timing and Sinister Dexter - Bulletopia shows that. Its meant to be a nonstop desperate flight and when I read 'The Funt Outta Town' is fun and energetic, but is robbed of meaning given its seperation from the death of Finnegan and thus the impact on Ramone is lost and this problem will continue. Its interesting to revisit them and try to see them for themselves... it just tricky to do.

This is just a side show however as Sinister Dexter is back to be filler at the end of a run of stories and the end of 2020 has a bloody fine run of thrills and a fantastic year ends really well.

Barrington Boots:
Was a strong year end that was. I vividly remember last year one of my Progs around this time going missing in the post and being mildy distraught as I was enjoying Hookjaw and Constanta so much. Even SinDex was interesting again for a bit.


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