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Bad City Blue:
Features The Sentinels and End of The Line

Nice. I quite enjoyed the Sentinels story in the recent Scream/Misty special, so I might get this at some point.

Just finished The Sentinels care of Misty Volume 2 and very enjoyable it was too! Good pacing, mystery as to what’s going on and a real sense of rising stakes as they story continues. Lots to love basically.

The next special’s coming out in a bit, plus I think Volume 3 from the original run. *taps at the pre-order button*

Volume 1 was excellent btw, so if you haven’t tried it yet I heartily recommend.

Right, that’s the End of the Line all done, just in time for Misty Vol 3 next week. Very enjoyable it was too! Such a different style to stories back then. All these poor children stuck in circumstances beyond their control! It does wrap up a bit abruptly, but apart from that is well worth a look. The Sentinels, which it comes with, is a really good read too. Very Seventies, both stories, but in a good way.

I’ve got this and Vol 1 in digital, but can’t help thinking how lovely physical copies would look on the bookshelf.

Colin YNWA:
This one just got to the top of the 'To read' list and I've just finished The Sentinels and its a quite superb strip. Its absolutely chilling, the art is superb and brutal as all hell.

I mean really, really brutal.

Jan's dog Tiger and the rats was bad enough - but bloody hell that ending. How chuffin' dark was that. Astonishing stuff. Only shame is it was over too soon.

The second story has a lot to live up to!


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