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True Believers 2020 - Saturday 1st Feb


True Believers 2020 is this Saturday, at the Jury's Inn in Cheltenham. Tickets look to be £8.00 in advance and £10.00 on the day.

Appearing this year, for the first time - FQP! Yep, your favourite small press comics will be making the hazardous trip along the M5 to Cheltenham for the very first time, bringing visitors copies of FutureQuake, something Wicked, Dogbreath, Zarjaz and Neroy Sphinx!

But wait, that's not all - scanning through the list of attendees you can also find:
Accent UK,
The Awesome comics podcast folk,
Steve Sims - (who produces the Beast Huntin' Battle Badgers comics - you have to see these to believe jusy how good they are),
Big Punch studios (That's probably going to be Jon, off of Afterlife Inc),
Dan Cornwell,
Dave Broughton (with new Shaman Kane, I believe),
Disconnected Press (You 'do' have a copy of Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, right?)
Dylan  Teague,
Gustffo Vargas - His comics are just incredible.
Mike Collins,
Nick Bryan and finally
Timebomb comics - Some lovely lettering on their books...

Update - I've got a spare ticket for the event. If any Squaxx out there wants to take advantage of my situation, PM Me and we can take it from there.

Doors open at 10.30, so come along and say hi!

Just a gentle bump for tomorrow.

See you there, Squaxx!

low down dirty drokker:
Rapture imminent: or so you tube would have me believe.
2021 june, should be great for all true believers.
If you don't get taken, don't worry the Samaritans are here to help, just ring this number for your daily dose of godly goodness.
Keep on Drokking...


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