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Free Comic Book Summer 2020

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The people behind Free Comic Book Day have announced that to help comic shops recover and help with social distancing that this year we will have Free Comic Book Summer this is scheduled to take place between July 15 and September 9. Comic shops will be receiving five or six FCBD titles along side their weekly shipments during each week of the promotional window.This will allow comic shops to choose how they decide to run their own release by either doing daily, weekly or monthly event or wait until the restrictions are completely lifted and hold one big event.
The Asterix the Gaul FCBD issue is released on 15th July and the best of 2000ad is released on 26th August

Full details and release dates :

Colin YNWA:
I didn't think we were getting the Asterix one in the UK as its a promo for the upcoming new US translation that I don't think is scheduled for release here. Sure we'll be able to get it via ebay as I am curious about what the new modernised translation will be like.

Great to hear that 2000ad release has a schedule and the the overall solution seems like a smart one.

Forbidden Planet have announced which FCBD's comics are available for what week and they will be getting the Asterix comic on the 15th July

2000AD on 26 August.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: Richard on 09 July, 2020, 12:50:10 AM ---2000AD on 26 August.

--- End quote ---

Oh excellent - thanks for that. There was an issue of some new Kirkham comic Firepoweer (not bad) in my store this weekend when I went in to my LCS. About 30 pages of the first issue, which I think is 70 pages so I think it was essentially a preview of the comic that was also out.

But great to read some of the Asterix and I'll try to make sure I get Tharg's offering so very helpful to have the date.


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