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Jock Team-up 2021?

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The Enigmatic Dr X:
I will say yes! Deffo!

Then bail.

I have one or two gaps in my diary (read : hunners) so please say the day!

Dog Deever:
Perth eh?
That's that big roundabout cum bus station in Southshire, just past aw the hills where only strange people live, aye?
I might be able to make it- though the daft midweek date might end up being a problem depending on work (though it's a short Megabus trip so it could still work), therefore I shall tentatively say 'Yes' with the inevitable possibility of an eventual 'No'.

After the last couple of Glasgow 'events'  I attended, my expectations are barely at the dizzy heights of sea-level, being somewhere between Atlantis and Sculptor's Cave. Still, it's better than my hoose which only has cheap food, tasteless decor, bad TV and ill company but fabulously noisy music.


--- Quote from: GordonR on 21 September, 2020, 07:44:21 AM ---Expectations about this need to be managed. The BGCP events are basically comic marts with cosplay, face-painting etc.  They’re what passes for a comic con in places like East Kilbride, Dunoon etc.

--- End quote ---

I had a look at some of the "comic-cons" which had cropped up around where I used to live (East Anglia - so Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire).  The fact that comic creators are actually mentioned in that Perth announcement makes them more comic-oriented than the ones I looked at.  It was (literally) all about the cosplay and film tie-ins.

Given that the Perth con on in the last weekend of August, you'd think there would be some more info kicking about the interweb by now... evidence perhaps of the GRennie's droids lack of faith?

How about we say Perth on saturday 28th August 1pm in a boozer yet to be named....

Now who's in?

Build it and they will come!


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