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The Killing v Portrait of a Mutant - Bolt-01 Cup - SEMI-FINAL 2

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Leigh S:
Democracy isn't working...  :o :'( :)

Funt Solo:
But The Killing doesn't even have any *thwup* guns, fer chrissakes.

The Bissler:
This one was a bit like "which limb would you prefer to lose?" I had missed this vote but, for what it's worth, while Portrait is an incredible origins story, The Killing would have edged it for me by the tiniest of margins.

BIG surprise! But following the Tourney from the start you could always see a lot of love for the Killing, and it is surely the best of the 'purely fun' Stront stories. And in that vein, it's made for a worthier final, having a comdey battling it out with a revenge-tragedy.


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