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It's now online since a few hours, Pat Mills has his own web site here

The program is highly interesting as we will soon be reminded by Pat of these gems from the past (see the "about the millsverse" tab:

*Becky Never Saw The Ball  (Tammy)  Story about a blind tennis player who wins major tournaments.
*Pogo Stick Patsy  (Bunty)  It’s 1939 and Patsy has to get her scientist dad’s secret rocket plans from Poland back to Britain. So she hides them in her pogo stick and ‘pogoes’ back across Nazi-occupied Europe.
*Feral Meryl (Shandy)  Meryl is brought up by wolves and her best friend has to hide the truth from other school girls that Meryl is a wolf-girl.
*The Caning Commando (The Spanker)  A teacher at a posh boarding school during World War Two is renowned for his caning skills. He is sent by the War Office – aided by his Cockney, fish and chips eating assistant ‘Corporal Punishment’ -  on secret  caning missions against the Nazis.
*Flipper Feet (Bunty)  Girl with big feet becomes a champion swimmer.

I'm trying to remember that very short lived comic he did that was supposed to be a Slaine spin-off?

Looking for it now, because a few pages of it were salvaged on the Bear-Alley website and the rest of those pages were put up by Pat Mills himself after somebody showed them to him (I think!!!!)

Hmmmm.. what was the name...I think it was about the women who trained Slaine opr was well knnw for training young Celts in the ways of war and witches.

I think it was Scatha or something like that.....

I once had the whole thing along with a lot of Slaine I had found drawn/painted by various artist other than the usual Slaine artists.

BTW, Is it okay if I collect stuff like that or will I need specific permissions?

Because, I had all that stuff on the hard-drive of a old lap-top given to me by my dad until it got corrupted. it need replacing and in  the mean while, I lost everything on that hard-drive including some forgotten passwords I'll never use again.


Sadly that's where it ends  :(




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