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Colin YNWA:
What a lovely thing. Thanks for the heads up Vark.

Superstar Cartoonists.



Art: the late John Hicklenton, Words: Mills & the late Alan Mitchell

In 1989, I thought that fireman gag was hilarious.  After years of saying it was up to Titan when or if Third World War was ever reprinted, Colchester Che Guevara thinks a new collection may be upon us:

'I was pleased to hear so many of the audience asking me when Third World War is likely to be reprinted. I wish I had more definitive news, but all I know at the moment is it is likely to be published again in the next couple of years.'

Mills was on his travels again, this time to Gibraltar, where, instead of re-enacting Death On The Rock, he was hobnobbing with the likes of Actual Johnny Ball and Dr Bettany Hughes, and cribbing ideas for Slaine from academics: (Comic Rock: do you see what he did, there?)


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