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When Are you Gonna Stop Watching Those Cartoons?!

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Howdy-ho, chaps and chapesses!

Just a quick note that I set up a blog recently, where I talk about anime. You can find it here:

I set this up just because I got nagged to, really. And it's actually quite fun stuff to write about. Over the last couple of months I've had some worrying stuff going on as well, and putting together a small, just-for-fun project has been a good antidote to that.

It'll be an irregular update kind of deal (as I'd rather spend free time making comics) but I've still given some thought as to how I can make it useful. If anime is something you're into or curious about, and the plethora of overly sarcastic, sweary and (frankly) rather naff YouTube reviews wears you down, hopefully you'll find what I'm posting a bit more to your taste.

The principal aim of it is to talk about stuff that isn't perhaps as well known, and to that end, I don't necessarily talk about brand new stuff. Some of it may even be out of print. There's some damned coool stuff out there in Japanese Cartoon Land, and it ain't necessarily the stuff everyone knows about.

Anyways, there it is. Feel free to give it a read and sign up to follow. There's a Facebook page as well, for convenience:

Little bumpitty bump for this to announce...


Yeah. Bit of a change of tack this. I decided I'd take the step into doing actual video reviews. So, if you're inclined to listen to my soulful, sexy tones as I dish the dirt on Japanese cartoons, exposing the good and the bad, head on over to The Mighty Tchube and look up 'Brainjar TV'.

Ay thankyaw!

New video is up!

This time I review The Sky Crawlers, which is actually a pretty neat little bit of socially conscious sci-fi.

Figure I'll post the link here. Hopefully that's not a breach of any forum rules.

And... uh... you may notice a slightly bitter vein of commentary running under the surface of this one. I had SO much trouble with the upload being accepted, it wasn't even funny.

Professor Bear:
I am a Sky Crawlers hayter.  I saw it at 3 in the morning after coming to it cold during an all-night anime marathon, and maybe I was just too tired for its shit, but I thought it overly-familiar stuff.  Corporate-sponsored proxy war is a neat idea, but it felt as tacked-on to a standard period piece as that back-end reveal, though I did like the steampunk/cgi aesthetic - much as I liked it half a decade earlier when Last Exile did it.

Oooh, it's DEFINITELY a divisive movie. The slow pace of it seem to kill it for a lot of people, but I really enjoyed it as a character driven bit of sci-fi. I'm a sucker for a slow burn, and I enjoyed the aspect of the film that you have to do just enough puzzling out of the film for everything to fall into place.

But that's me.


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