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Barrington Boots:
Branching off the 'what are you reading' thread, fire away with your suggestions and I promise I'll check them out.
I've been picking up a few during lockdown and I've found the anthologies to be extremely hit and miss but I'm basically interested in anything that doesn't have a variant nude / tits out cover...

flip-r mk2:
Off the top of my head, Paragon Comics, The 77, Blazer, Sentinel, The Spencer Nero Club, Brawler, Zarjaz, Dogbreath, FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Boom Bandits, Killing Moon.


Hi Barrington - First I'll pimp my own wares:

FutureQuake - Anthology  - roughly 100 pages per issue, US Trade format. £6.50 in print (B&W)
Something Wicked- Anthology  - roughly 100 pages per issue, US Trade format. £6.50 in print (B&W)
Zarjaz & Dogbreath - 2000 AD fanzines - 48 pages each issue. £3.00 each issue in print.
The FQP Webshop

I'll let others give opinions of quality. We try not to have serials in multiple issues, but that is not always the case.

You have already gotten Flintlock, and I'll second Filippo's mention of Brawler. There are only 2 issues of that around currently and the first issue saw the last printed work from the late Nigel Dobbyn.

The '77 bills itself as a 'nostalgia' comic, but it is - I think - starting to move a little beyond that. I'm not sure where it is going, but it is an interesting title.

Blazer I had issues with, but I gather they are being addressed.

Paragon is a long running adventure serial title. It may be a little difficult to get caught up but I do enjoy it.

Killing Moon is another I'd recommend. The first four issues are now in a trade and the next issue is in production (I'm lettering it)

Antiplano is a series from Gustaffo Vargas that is just superb. I'd recommend anything from Gustaffo actually - he's a top talent and a really nice guy, to boot.

If bonkers Sci-fi is your thing then I'd recommend Shaman Kane by the artistic powerhouse that is David Broughton. Think there are six issues of this in the wild and I really like it.

I'll let BCB tell you about Sentinel as he's about most days.

I'm sure there are many more I'll mention at some point, but this is what came to me whilst typing back.

One thing I'm noticing is that many of the small press folk tend to release issues around the time of conventions, of which there aren't any at the mo. So I'm expecting that when conventions start again there will be a lot of activity from Small Press folk sharing what they have been up to over the last year.

Barrington Boots:
Cheers guys! Bolt especially, thanks for the comprehensive post with links and everything. Altiplano looks really, really interesting and Brawler is something I nearly picked up but I will have a look at all of these. I will also get some FQP stuff, the least I can do!

The '77 I have tried but didn't enjoy. If anyone else reading this is interested I can pass my issues on to them. Paragon didn't quite gel with me either - I may return to it after I've looked at some of these others.

Thanks for the order, Boots. Much appreicated.

I know what you mean about things gelling, which is one of the best things about a gig like Thought Bubble - you can talk to the creatives and see just what makes them tick before putting your heard earned down.


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