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Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: Bolt-01 on 13 April, 2021, 09:01:41 AM ---Seconding the work of Chris Askham too - I've actually contributed to Kickstarters for him.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I've done his last three I think - all have been fantastic opportunties and I'm just waiting on the latest - for Switchblade Stories 2 - which I'm so excited about - the first was truly excellent.

Don't know what happened with West - Small Press is pretty tough and unrewarding (at least financially) I'd guess and you dont get many folks who can carry on indefinately - Bolt and Daveycandlish being the exceptions that prove the rule. But yeah West is the one small press title were I've 'up-graded' my issues - having most of the 'floppies' I decided to get the hardcover collection as its a super product.

Barrington Boots:
Some cool looking suggestions here that I am taking note of. I bought a chunk of comics yesterday and I'm keen to try most of these. I hope there are more people than just me getting something from this thread, too.

BCB, I am on the Sentinel KS already!

Davey, your very polite calling me out on Paragon led me realise I was thinking of a different comic altogether. I would like to remedy that. Do you have any physical copies of previous issues or are they all digital only?

Boots - your order is in the post. Many thanks again.


--- Quote from: Bolt-01 on 12 April, 2021, 01:33:12 PM ---
Antiplano is a series from Gustaffo Vargas that is just superb. I'd recommend anything from Gustaffo actually - he's a top talent and a really nice guy, to boot.

--- End quote ---

I was going to recommend Gustaffo's comics. Just read them myself; they're highly professional and very much in keeping with what we like here at the House Of Tharg.

Barrington Boots:

--- Quote from: Bolt-01 on 13 April, 2021, 12:50:10 PM ---Boots - your order is in the post. Many thanks again.

--- End quote ---

My pleasure! Hopefully the first of many!


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