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Bad City Blue:
Sentinel is my baby but I would heartily say check out any Futurequake publication, and I REALLY enjoyed Flintlock as well. Brawler is great, too, whilst the 77 is a mixed bag like many anthologies. Bruno STahl's Boom Bandits is also excellent.

Sentinel is a 64 page digest size black and white comic, much like it's inspiration, Starblazer. Each issue is a new, complete story. We've done some daft sci fi stuff, fantasy and dark horror. There's six issues in total, and issue 7 is on Kickstarter now. Reviews have been hugely positive, and we were voted 3rd best comic of 2020 in a couple of online polls.

It's a fun, action filled read, like what comics used to be. Some of the subject matter is serious, but never boring.

Facebook page:

Issue 7 Kickstarter:

I write all the issues, and we have Ed Doyle (co creator), Ian Beadle, Paul Spence, Morgan Gleave, Andrew Richmond, Kevan Maguire and Filippo Roncone on various art duties.

It's a blast.

I'd heartily recommend the latest Zarjaz if you haven't already got it.

Visit the Timebombcomics website - you'll find Flintlock and Brawler there, amongst others, which both have things worth reading within their pages. The biggest recommendation from Time Bomb would be Harker. I read this when it was first published and absolutely loved it.

I publish PARAGONcomic and I'd love to hear what your thoughts on it were; what worked for you and more importantly what didn't. I promise I won't get huffy with whatever you say! (Post here, on the PARAGON thread or private message me, I don't mind.  Any feedback gives me food for thought to improve future issues.)  :)

Colin YNWA:
I don't delve into Small Press too much and obviously anything by the folks here should be a priority but there are a couple of other recommendations I can make.

I'm a big fan of West from Angry Candy - haven't heard from them for a while but they still have a Comicsy page so hopefully still exist - might be worth e-mailing them before ordering just to make sure? Anyway fantastic western comics.

I can't recommend thr work of Chris Askham enough as well. I know he's still going strong as he's just completed his latest Kickstarter and his stuff is consistantly good. Art books and comics all. Defo try his stuff.

Finally the master of them all Marten Edens O-Men uiniverse, including the brilliant Spandex. They are all available from Comixology but he uised to do these brilliant omnibus of O-Men and a lovely complete package of Spandex. Its truly wonderful superhero comics.

or if you are happy with digital

oooh good shout, Colin - I like all of them!

Oh goodness, WEST! I'd love to know the lads were working on more, but the hardback collection of the early strips they did back in the day opened my eyes to the presentation of small press comics. Superb.

Seconding the work of Chris Askham too - I've actually contributed to Kickstarters for him.


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