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Link Prime:
Preface; I didn't even hear about this game until 2 days before it was released.
Shortly after it was released I received dozens of excited Whatsapp messages and PS screenshots showing me exactly what I was missing.
So yes, I am an unashamed bandwagon jumper.

I purchased the "Day One" edition for PS5 forthwith, and booted it up last weekend.
Not to bury the lede; yes, it is as good as the hype machine would have you believe.

I am not a Dark Souls fan - I only ever bothered with the remaster of the first game on Switch, and the clunky controls put me off more than the legendary difficulty.
Elden Ring is in much the same vein as Dark Souls, but fans of Skyrim and Zelda: Breath of the Wild will find some stylistic comforts too.
Graphics and designs are stunning.

Yes, it is rock hard, but that just makes progression all the more satisfying.
I've spent my first few days just avoiding enemies (or fleeing from them) as much as possible in an attempt to find Sites of Grace / maps as far and wide as possible to enable fast travel and positions of convenient resurrection when needed.

I've put off fighting the first main boss Margit, the Fell Omen until now, but will give it a shot this evening.

Anyone else playing it? 

The Enigmatic Dr X:
I fail to see the appeal of a game that confuses malice for difficulty.

I had a go at one of the Dark Souls games a while ago. It wasn't for me. Storyline and character is a big thing for me in RPGs, and it doesn't really do them. The difficulty also meant that I couldn't just pick it up and play it, which doesn't suit the way I can play games at the moment. Elden Ring just looks like more of the same from what I've read.

Barrington Boots:
Same really, Dark Souls wasn't for me at all and it's put me off even trying Elden Ring. It looks pretty stunning graphically.

Link Prime:
I hear ya lads, and agree RE the Dark Souls series of games.

However, I am day 4 into this, and have to say having a blast.
I've dispatched a few minor bosses at this stage after leveling up and improving my sword - feeling a little less of a soft target as the game progresses.

I know what's ahead difficulty-wise though, having stumbled in the Caelid ("Hell on Earth") region - grim.


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