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Signed items from Lawless - a raffle and 8 auctions for charity


Eamonn Clarke:
Here are a bunch of items to raise money for charity.
First up a raffle with a Hachette hardback of America’s signed by 35 droids including Wagner, MacNeil, Bolland, MacManus, Fabry, Dorey, Ewing and many more. Tickets are £2 each, no gift aid, and give me some way of contacting you. All proceeds to cancer research UK. Draw Sunday 26th at midday.
Also two signed prints as runner up prizes.

And over on eBay I have 8 auctions including progs signed by Bolland, Wagner, & MacManus. All for cancer research UK apart from the Lawless programme which is for their chosen charity of CALM.

Good luck

Eamonn Clarke:
The raffle raised £444 for cancer research UK.
Thank you to everyone for donating.
The winners are
1. Simon Mc gets the signed copy of America
2. David Brindle gets the signed Steve Austin print.
3. Leslie Callen gets the Clint Langley print

Check my other raffle at

the running total is now at £12,479.83 for cancer research UK


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