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Everything Wrong With Dredd

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CinemaSins does Dredd.

CinemaSins is not my favourite thing but one of the many "CinemaSins is shit" channels on YouTube (there must be half a dozen) did have the great insult "I didn't realise it was possible to watch a movie yet not watch that movie at the same time".

I watched a little of that last night while pre-occupied with something else.  I think I must be missing something because two of the sins were 'shopping mall' and 'food stall'.  No explanation, just those two words and that was enough to justify a 'sin'.  Perhaps somebody needs to explain to me what they're actually attempting there?

Funt Solo:
I enjoy Honest Trailers, but the "everything wrong with" style videos suck ass.  They always talk way too fast and sound way too over-excited and amused despite the fact they're basically saying "THIS IS SHIT" over and over again.  If you met them in real life you'd want to punch them repeatedly in the face (with their obnoxious *bing* *bing* sound effect playing each time you landed a blow) until they just stopped. 

Dash Decent:
CinemaWins: "Everything great about Dredd"


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