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Mister Pops:
In case you didn't know, MGM are offering the original Addams Family for free

Genius move by the suits to excise the intro and theme tune - everyone's least favourite part of the old Addams Family TV show.

This and Bewitched were the highlights of getting home from school, for me, back in the early days of Channel 4. I listened to a podcast where millennials described this as unfunny - I can sort of see their point, but I find the show's one gag very entertaining.

They were discussing the show because of the new animated movie, which I'm boycotting on the grounds that casting latinx hearthrob Oscar Isaac as Gomez is PC gone mad.

Just found this on Who would have guessed?

Sorry, it hasn't worked for some reason. Here's a link to it instead.

Oh bloody hell. One more try:


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