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Watching DREDD with my girlfriend (her 1st time seeing it)

She asked me after they said the mega city populous:

How many judges are there (at this time/ in this film universe?)



The Legendary Shark:

Not enough.

It's never been stated, and although there is an old thread somewhere on this forum where people presented reasoned estimates based on snippets of information in the comic, the film is only based on the comic but it's another version of Dredd and of Mega-City One. So the answer is we don't know, but as the shark says, if they can only respond to a few percent of serious crimes then they're woefully undermanned.

Cheers 👍

Funt Solo:
A joy to behold - Simon Spurrier innocently asked about the MC-1 population in 2007. It took only a page and half for someone to remember that it was posted in each issue's Nerve Centre, but (despite some begging for it to stop), the thread carried on for 17 pages of space math, and took in estimates of Judge numbers.

Conclusion: it's made up and doesn't make any sense because comic writers aren't very good at estimating population density or even city size, and especially not at the hyperbolic scale being imagined in MC-1. So ... as I'm sure others have pointed out in the past - what works for the narrative is the answer.


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