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Funt Solo:
I've started my own A-Z of 2000 AD project and (of course) started with 'K', and Kingdom.

It has to be off-forum because the chart and table have some groovy, interactive functionality that can't be replicated here.

Tech note: table hover components sort-of work as long-holds on touch-screen devices, but really this is designed for pointer-driven interfaces.

Colin YNWA:
Wow Funt Solo that's going to become something pretty damned fantastic. A resource to sit shouler to shoulder with Barney - fantastic stuff and I look forward to watching it develop!

I like your first entry looking forward to the rest.

That's really cool and potentially really useful. If I may be a little autistic for a minute; could you give the episode count a different Y-axis on the right for clarity? Also, the table could be a little bigger and the headings should be consistent with the text (episodes=parts) and don't need to be abbreviated.
Hope you don't mind the whinge, great work  :thumbsup:

That's brilliant.  Really love the clarity of the table and graph - looking forward to more.


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