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Unable to purchase Meg 450?

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Green Lynx:
Hello, fellow Earthlets.

Bit of an odd question this, but is anybody else having trouble purchasing Meg 450 in the 2000 AD app?

I have a digital sub to the progs so downloading them each week is no problem at all, but I usually buy the Megazine each month directly on the app. This time, however, I'm getting a grey swirly tab in place of the usual "purchase" green tab.

In case you're wondering, I have deleted and reinstalled the app on both my iPhone and iPad, but the issue still persists.

What you can do is purchase it from the webstore and restart the app and it will be available for download then

Green Lynx:
Many thanks! This seems to have worked!

Hopefully, the app will work fine next month when I buy the Meg, but if not, I know a workaround now!

I think it is also cheaper buying it via the webstore since no tax gets added

and another thing why not subscribe digitally to the meg as well since it will work out cheaper as well


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