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Help! / From Ninjants to Wasps!
« on: 15 July, 2005, 06:13:17 PM »
The basis of help is for slogan-like pictures of wasps.
Im hoping to get the design of a "simpsons-esque" wasp,or a "groening-style" cartoon image of a wasp.

Im about to dredge the internet for image to help me on my way. I do know though, that the chappys on this board have treasure troves of images and cuttings and links to fabulous oddball sites.

Im remembering the Ninjant in particular.
So if you have anything like the wasp image Im describing it sure would be a help.

Sorry to bother you all, I hope you can help.

Off Topic / Cheer up its Batman!;)
« on: 11 July, 2005, 02:43:01 PM »
Well I thought Id give you all a boost to the start of your week.(especially Londoners)

With a few hits from the Private files of oor blesed Batman.Here to spread a healthy dose of Justice

General / Dredd no nose.
« on: 30 June, 2005, 09:14:33 PM »
I cant help it and maybe Im being a little anal.

Why has Dredds face been disproportioned into him looking as if hes had major no nose surgery?

Guthrie and Giant have a full compliment of a nose a piece,Dredd on the other hand, has this annoying absence of what I consider a major part of his expressive design.

Even,clone Rico has a sniffer.

Is it to differentiate between the two Dredds?
Is it a nod to comic art and its ability to tell stories on simplifyed charactor design?

Any remarks welcome.

Website and Forum / Re: Shazam! Constantine movie......
« on: 28 June, 2005, 08:33:01 AM »
Quazzi-sensationalise my post!


Film & TV / Frankly My Dear...
« on: 25 June, 2005, 08:41:45 AM »
If you dont want to be seen as mysogynist comic reading people then why not discuss,now, Vivian Leigh's performance in " Gone with the wind" and its storytelling ability?

Film & TV / More from the 4
« on: 08 June, 2005, 09:52:02 AM »
Longer trailer bequeathed the name of "trailer 2"

Its like they're their own little movies.

Link: Storm may save the day.

« on: 30 April, 2005, 06:03:52 AM »
What do you think?

Off Topic / Hi Ush...Got your Hi!
« on: 28 April, 2005, 02:45:24 AM »
Missed yer in a post.

Im clicking about.

Why dont you?

General / Early Influences.
« on: 28 April, 2005, 02:16:32 AM »
I know this is really cheeky(slaps cheeks with full palms and goes :0.....)But I couldn't resist showing you all the original Enterprise and what a piccy it is!

So I reckon Im gonna call this thread Early influences and try to find out if any independent comics have research or influentual historical icons to show too.

Or I was hoping; (Rennie, Spur, PJ, Rufus)2000ad has some archives of charactors,vessels or environments they could tell us fans were their influence to particular stories.


Link: Enterprise

Suggestions / Is it HEALTHY?
« on: 27 April, 2005, 10:45:16 PM »
Come on chaps and chappesses,soon you will be going to conventions and whatnot,devouring things like hotel breakies,kebabs and ample booze.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all pretox before we go and ruin our innards on the overpriced indulgences but not feel too guilty about it?

As I enjoyed the snack attack thread so much I could do with absolutely tasty recipes with a fresh zeal of health involved.


strawberry and banana smoothies.
Cheeese salad with french dressing.
Ceaser(sp)Salad with dressing.
Er..anymore a little less ordinary?

Help! / Any body know....?
« on: 24 April, 2005, 08:04:07 PM »
How to use the microphone through the computer and then cubasis, please?

Film & TV / Correr Horror!
« on: 21 April, 2005, 02:56:57 AM »
Katy kicks the bucket while brother Craig is in middle of asking hers something.

How bad is he gonna feel?

Film & TV / The Trench?
« on: 19 April, 2005, 03:23:43 AM »
Billy Elliot star, is in this film.

The Trench, was a horror based in the first world war.

I awaited its release but it has sank into the shadows.

I can't find anything to do with it.

Has abybody else on the board seen or heard of, it?

Film & TV / Why should stupid animated icons have their own series?
« on: 11 April, 2005, 08:26:43 AM »
And on another point, why is something done under torturous conditions, funny?

General / Do any of you own a planet?
« on: 03 April, 2005, 04:51:25 AM »
Yes weve seen them on the pc, something something tycoon;Startopia;Civilisation.Red Alert. Allsorts.

I wuz just wondering....

Do the fellas on the board have a favourite,strategy game?

Could they tell me of their favourite planet.

Could they create their own virtual planet , for me?

should I make acompetition about it?

Maybe just the doubts you have about fantasy eco systems and why thet wouldnt work.

Go as far as you want fellas I can take it.

Oh, btw, a world with out Carlsborg Expert. There you go. thats mine.

Have fun.

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