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Barrington Boots:
Oh that is fantastic!

That's lovely, that.

I loved his stuff too, especially when printed in what was presumably something like its original size in Warlock magazine.

 He's very much influenced my window painting style, in which I try to include as much gnarled wood and as many lanterns and drinking vessels as possible. But beyond that he's influenced my life in general - the very small house I live in is also full of gnarled wood, lanterns and drinking vessels.

Dr Feeley Good:
Love that...

Barrington Boots:
There's some very nice Blanche-esque art from the Hungarian edition of Crystal of Storms up for sale here:
Even if you're not into original art, go and check it out because they look great and far better than the art in the UK edition, lovely old school Warhammer / FF feel to them.

Anyway, I haven't posted here for a couple of weeks and that's because I still cannot beat Masks of Mayhem.

Anyone else playing this? It's insanely difficult, and that's all the more frustrating because once you get over the 'king wanders off on his own to do a quest without any stuff' premise the plot is actually quite good.
Looking forward to finishing it and playing something easier <checks which book is next the series> oh right.

That really does look the business!

I've been busier than usual lately so haven't had time to start FF23 but will aim to get round to it before Christmas. (Whether I can finish it before Christmas remains to be seen...)


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