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Prog 2242 - Judging The Judges!

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Letter of the week felt very "In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic xylophone, or something?"

Functional prog but 3 strips are just middling around all readable but not grabbing me. But we all know that this is the nature of the beast when we read an anthology. 

Dredd – Some detective work and Dredd goes into analysing the clues and a lot of talking but for the benefit of the reader. The “real” plot is revealed, and we see now know the real “victim”

Skip Tracer – A lot of harsh criticism and yes this is not the story that will have the comic-fraternity stand-up and take notice it is generic but still readable.

Department K – This episode more focus one the battle of the eggy thing/ball of light/the heart of the beast and he controls that he controls something/universe/bragging rights. This is not bad not the best around but keeps my interest. Lovely art from Cornwell script-wise it still feels too much like an American comic.

Sinister – The Sin is back, and the AI is not up too any good. Next round it looks like we will focus on the flight of the Dexter for a showdown between the two.

Aquila – Once big action driven episode and one that does not push the plot forward but gives Goddard time to show-off some nice boss-end battle.

norton canes:
Oh dear. I would be reviewing this week's prog right about now, except...

I took a few magazines into town in my bag to hand in at the charity shop. And I ended up handing in the magazines after I'd bought this week's prog. And guess what I ended up doing...


Back to the charity shop tomorrow morning.


--- Quote from: norton canes on 28 July, 2021, 04:24:58 PM ---Back to the charity shop tomorrow morning.

--- End quote ---

To buy back your own copy?  :lol:


--- Quote from: Barrington Boots on 27 July, 2021, 02:01:06 PM ---

Sinister: Not interested in this either sadly, so not much to say beyond Sinister is incredibly annoying here.

--- End quote ---

Here, there and sadly everywhere.

I'm at a loss with this storyline / plot that has been going round and round, along with the alternative universe tripe where the characters have seemingly become so far from what they began as hitmen and are now just bit-part players dissappearing up the series' own rectum

We thought there might be blessed relief at the conclusion of the last series, however the premise of a 2000AD character actually dying and staying dead is no more and so I question as to why bother with the dramatic so called 'death' scenes in the first place?

So I take it we will see the return of Skip Tracers ex-missus next prog?  :think:


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