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Dash Decent:
Leading the Rebellion: Questing to Succeed in Work and Life by Jason Kingsley & Boris Starling - Hardback, 320 pages, 4th August 2022.

In Leading the Rebellion: Questing to Succeed in Work and Life tech CEO, pop-culture entrepreneur and YouTube sensation Jason Kingsley reveals how he uses The Code of Chivalry as a guide to work, life and happiness. This unique business and lifestyle book will allow the reader to delve into the personal and work philosophies of a self-made millionaire.

A fascinating look into the business and lifestyle philosophy of Jason Kingsley OBE, CEO of Rebellion. Rebellion is one of the world's most successful independent games developers and also a film and TV production company and publisher. Combining his love of Medieval History and success in business, this unique book will give insight into a modern interpretation of the Knightly Code of Chivalry, in a motivational and aspirational take on how to live life to the fullest.

Each chapter will focus on one main chivalric theme, and how it has influenced his philosophy, helped equip him with personal tools to succeed, and how it has maximised his work-life balance. The book will also provide insight into his love for the medieval period and how this complements his professional life.

Well that sounds bonkers.

For my part, I always write my spreadsheets with honour. However, I do have a meeting with HR next week for  practising courtly love in the staff canteen.

Is that the fella from Modern History TV? I had no idea there was a connection to 2000AD!

It’s his YouTube channel. And he co-founded Rebellion. Without him, 2000 AD would almost certainly be long dead by now—and most of British comics history would have been consigned to oblivion or with companies less inclined to put in the same kind of effort as Rebellion in restoring classics.

True, we owe him a huge debt for that.


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