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Dark Jimbo:
Love Edmund Bagwell's stuff, and always up for a bit of John Smith (who doesn't always deliver on his potential but whose hits generally outweigh the misses.)

Actually, I'm really excited about all the imminent new lineup - Dante, Zombo, Savage and Cradlegrave...? Yes please!

Colin YNWA:
Looks like a great strip but how about that trailer huh! Is this the first time 2000ad has done one of these 'animated' trailers? If so great job. If not where have I been missing them?

glad you like, I did a few with the help of some audio guys a while back, but wanted to change the angle slightly so they would end up more like music vids promoting the strip. Sooo, this time around I sorted the anim stuff out and then went and worked with Top Bloke "Mechanoise" in the audio dept. We hope to keep doing them every month-6 weeks / as-and-when

Is that 2000ad trailers site still around?

Grant Goggans:
That looks great!  I'd like to see more.  Can these be shared/embedded?  I'd love to place it on my LJ.


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