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Shocked and stunned not to see a Step Hen in there.

norton canes:

--- Quote from: Buttonman on 17 November, 2021, 12:34:54 PM ---Louis practices the old bait and switch and starts off by slagging several thrills. He gets quite angry before coming around 180 degrees - its all fine! ... With his messy argument Louis does not avoid the shitty stick and heads home to hose down his Head bag with his head hung low

--- End quote ---

Yeah I'm not sure I get the point of his argument either. He seems to want have his cake and eat it and bake it and shit it out; in fact, to enjoy simultaneously the benefits of all stages of cake.

I bring a response from Louis Carter which comes in from the wildlands off the forum:

--- Quote ---Hi all,

For some reason, I haven't been able to log on for years now, so I'm asking Owen to post this for me.

I certainly didn't mean to come across as angry. The subject of my email when I sent it to Tharg was "A satirical letter about  the regened argument." With hindsight, given that so many regened nay-sayers come across as angry to me, it was perhaps inevitable that I would come across as angry when trying to emulate them. Oh well.

The point of my argument is that no 2 readers will agree on which thrills are good. And this is an intrinsic part of the prog.

There are people saying that the regened progs are shit and Tharg should stop publishing them.

If they get their way, I would like to get mine too, hence asking for the cancelling of Thrills that I'm not that into.

But that's not going to happen, because some people *do* like them. I don't get their tastes, and I'm sure others don't get mine. My tastes include a general appreciation of the regened prog (I generally like the new stuff, I think we could do without Cadet Dredd and the kidyfying of other old school stuff).

So I'm not trying to have my cake and eat it, I'm saying that everyone eats different parts of the cake. My tastes vary wildly from many on this forum. If many of the reviewers in the review threads had their way, I'd probably have stopped reading the prog long ago.

That's the nature of anthologies, is something often said on this forum, but it's something that seems to be forgotten when the regenes roll round.

Also, Tharg edited a sentence out of my letter. This sentence addresses Buttonman's point that even the multiple slices of cake argument is no excuse for sub-par content.

After saying that there is so much prog to enjoy, I point out that much of it is Skip Tracer, and we should all gang up on that instead. Even my easy-goingness have a limit. I don't know how people are arguing so much about regened, when ST surely takes up more page space per year.

I'm happy to be proven wrong on the maths there, it could just be a perception thing. I'm also happy to admit that  ST's author is obviously well skilled at the one thing Tharg values above all other, in that they produce scripts that tell a story, to a deadline. With everyone having such diverse tastes, I think that's all that Tharg can really ask for of his writers.
--- End quote ---

I thought that was pretty clear in the original letter, and it deserved to be the star letter.

Some great cake based debate here - thanks for bringing Louis to the fold Crazyfox . Of course all comments are tongue in cheek and Louis' points were well made although the cake analogy is stretched somewhat. Please relay our thanks for his feedback Crazyfox and suggest he gets a log in so he can offer his abuse from close range.


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