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Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

I've picked the start of a new year to start a new writing project. 2000AD Thrillshots will review and explore a Volume from the Judge Dredd Mega Collection and the 2000AD Ultimate Collection, in order of the first story to appear in each Volume.

The Collections are great, and hopefully this project will provide a roughly chronological journey through a large amount of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic!

Check it out at http://thrillshots.wordpress.com, and check back every Monday for a new post.


Shall keep an eye on it!

The Monarch:
"do you find walter bearable" is kinda the bawwier to entwy of early judge dwedd i hate him

have bookmarked the blog

New post up on the blog today, Volume 53 of the Mega Collection: "Brothers of the Blood".


Also, a quick request for help! I'm using the subtitle on the back of each Volume as the title of each post, but my copy of "The Day the Law Died" printed the info for "Necropolis" instead! Can anyone who has the correct version let me know what they used for "Day"? Thanks!

(The back image for "America" is posted below so you can see which bit I mean).

Greg M.:
An enjoyable read. A recent 'Best Dredd Stories Ever' thread saw 'Blood Cadets' make my personal top ten. It's interesting that, although John Wagner didn't come up with the 'Dredd as clone' angle, whenever he deals with it, it consistently leads to his finest work on the character.


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