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Didn't know where to put this topic so I decided to start the new thread here.

Has anyone read this series from the mid 1970s? Recommendations, commiserations...? As I understood, it was pretty controversial back in the day. So, is it worth getting it?

Thx in advance.

Colin YNWA:
Its well worth reading. One of Battle's finest. Be warned it is of its day and so some of the language isn't cool, but accept that as of its time and place and that the comic is from a boys war comic and you'll have a blast.

John Wagner at his gritty best and sublime art from Mike Weston, whats not to love. The hardcover from a few years back (I thought we had a thread about it but can't find it) is well worth picking up.

Rogue Judge:
Darkie's Mob is awesome. I read a lot of war comics and this series is one of my favorites.

Here is a link to a recent MCBC podcast: https://megacitybookclub.blogspot.com/2021/04/154-darkies-mob.html

It's a good story with great artwork, there was a version in the megazine a while back where they tried to correct the language, but you have to understand not only the time it was first printed but that's how the soldiers would have spoken at the time the story was set.
If you want to read what other fans have been saying about Darkie's Mob recently check out the Battle Fans page on Facebook

Darkie's Mob was reprinted in the Megazine, 202 to 210, with the dialogue revised to remove the 1970s racism. I can't really remember it, but it was by Wagner so it's probably good.


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