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Sorry for the delay getting these votes tallied and the results posted… it's been quite a week.

Annnnyway, finally it's time to announce the winners of the thoroughly thrill-charged third Unofficial Sketch Competition!


Colin YNWA #4

In SECOND PLACE, we have…

Dark Jimbo

And, by a whisker, the WINNER is…

Tomwe #2

Congratulations to all our worthy winners, to everyone who contributed so many fantastic entries, and to all of you who took the time to grapple with the impossible task of picking their favourites and casting their votes.

Take a bow, Tomwe, and bask in the radiant glory of your well-deserved win. I'll pop you a PM shortly so we can get your prizes sent to you, and I'd ask you to pop your thinking cap on and consider a theme for competition #4, which will be along in the next few days…

Congrats, great sketches again !!!!

Congratulations Tomwe.  I look forward to see your choice for the next theme.  Great comp, everyone :D

Colin YNWA:
Well I utterly flattered to have placed with so many astonishing entries.

A massive well done to Tomwe though such a deserved winner.

Hope we can all keep this up as this time was a bit special with so many astonishing entries.

Thanks again to Jim for kicking the Art Comp back to life on the forum.

Dark Jimbo:
Gosh, that's humbling. When I set the theme I had no intention of entering myself (purely because I'd won last time out); but after a week of fantastic entries flooding in, I thought I'd be 'safe' if I had a go. I genuinely didn't expect to place anywhere against such a bunch of talent.

Tomwe is very much a worthy winner. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next time.

No idea why Grobbendonk's coming up so flippin' big though!  :o


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