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Leigh Gallagher or Greg Staples - Artists Ryder Cup Current vs Classic - Tie 1

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Colin YNWA:
WAYHEY and here we go. The crowd has fallen into an excited silence as the first tie of this new competition gets ready to tee-off. It's redundant to say that we have two big hitters to get us started, as everyone involved in this is a massive talent. What we can do is look at the form.

Greg Staples - to many people’s surprise - actually went out in the first round proper of the Favourite Classic Artist tourney - but when you come up against the likes of Jesus Redondo!

Leigh Gallagher on the other hand made the Quarter Finals of the Current Artist tourney so goes into this competition with form on his side.

Can Leigh give the Current Artist Team a surprise early lead? Or will Greg make it clear just how tough this is going to be for artists representing the current Prog as they face off against much loved classic talent?

Time for you to decide your favourite as the droids square up to the tee…

Leigh Gallagher - more info


Greg Staples - more info

Remember for this tourney you have 5 votes to distribute as you please between these two artists, whole numbers only. So you can vote 5 - 0; 4 - 1; or 3 - 2; either way depending on how much more you like one artist's work over the other.

If you can’t be doing with that just name your favourite - remember bold tags, or other ways of highlighting always appreciated - and I’ll give them 3 votes and nowt to the other droid.

Three day votes, so this one ends ….

Remember we only consider work for Tharg in these Tourneys

What the heck is all this about - well we have a thread for that

What, why the new voting, well I have a post in the thread about this tourney about that too.

I don’t understand how this works, what are the rules of the Ryder Cup - yep got ya covered there too.

Anything else just ask and I’ll make something up. Most importantly have fun!

Leigh Gallagher

Colin YNWA:
No need for tie breakers so I get to vote in these - WAYHEY!!!

Interesting one to start with this. I know Leigh Gallagher is much loved and he's done so great work on series I really like (more Kingmaker when you are good and ready there Thargie boy) but there's something about this art that just doesn't quite work for me as much as others. Nothing specific, just one of those subjective things, I find it... pointy... or summit.

Greg Staples is supremely technically talented, but his precise, tight painting isn't a style I naturally gravitate to and some of his early work... well he was growing.

So while I'm excited to vote this might not be the round to start me off perfectly - such is the draw. I'll go -

Greg Staple 3 : Leigh Gallagher 2


--- Quote from: broodblik on 03 May, 2021, 06:30:16 AM ---Leigh Gallagher

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Well should have read your post completely. So I give it a split of Leigh Gallagher 4:  Greg Staple 1

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: broodblik on 03 May, 2021, 07:51:17 AM ---Well should have read your post completely. So I give it a split of Leigh Gallagher 4:  Greg Staple 1

--- End quote ---

I think it'll take folks a wee while to get used to the new voting (hence I voted early) and also I made it so you can just vote as normal - scores the artist you voted for a 3 votes. So bonus votes if you do the new way, but no real harm if you don't.


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