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D’Israeli or Ian Gibson - Artists Ryder Cup Current vs Classic - Tie 2

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Colin YNWA:
Number 2 with a bullet and this time we have a particularly top player for the Current Team against a Droid who gave good Droid… or robot.

Ian Gibson was a shock early victim of the harsh draw in Round 1 of the Favourite Classic Artist as he pulled finalist Cam Kennedy, who he ran close. So to be honest we don’t really know his true form. He’ll be keen to come back I’m sure.

Fascinatingly though he has come up against another finalist, this time from the Current tourney - D’Israeli. The Droid who toppled the mighty Henry Flint and in the Champion of Champions ran Ron Smith very close. So while Ian Gibson might be misrepresented it's possible, juuust possible that Team Current could take both of these opening ties to take a shock early lead?

Time for you to decide your favourite as the droids square up to the tee…

D'Israeli - more info


Ian Gibson - more info

Remember for this tourney you have 5 votes to distribute as you please between these two artists, whole numbers only. So you can vote 5 - 0; 4 - 1; or 3 - 2; either way depending on how much more you like one artist's work over the other.

If you can’t be doing with that just name your favourite - remember bold tags, or other ways of highlighting always appreciated - and I’ll give them 3 votes and nowt to the other droid.

Three day votes, so this one ends bright and breezy Friday 7th May

Remember we only consider work for Tharg in these Tourneys

What the heck is all this about - well we have a thread for that

How does this new voting work? Look here and why again?

I don’t understand how this works, what are the rules of the Ryder Cup - yep got ya covered there too

Anything else just ask and I’ll make something up. Most importantly have fun!

Rogue Judge:
D'Israeli 1; Ian Gibson 4

Both are great cartoonist style artists, but Gibson has drawn more of what I like (classic Dredd, Halo Jones, even a Stront story).

D'Israeli 3: Ian Gibson 2

D'Israeli - 3

Ian Gibson - 2

Keep on changing this one. Matt is a current droid and so fresh in my thoughts. Must remember how much I enjoyed Gibson’s later work. Anyhow.

D'Israeli 3
Ian Gibson 2

SBT again 0


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