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Prog 2240 - In with a bullet!

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Colin YNWA:
Hold on its Tuesday evening and I've bagged the Prog thread - what's that all about! My Prog landed today and I've had a chance to read it this evening and its an absolute corker. I real humdinger.

Dredd What a way to start a story. A opening scene that is both shocking and funny. Then snap into an unfamilar setting a church, a shake down, a lack of forgiveness. Then bang straight into an apparently unconnected crime scene. Things will be linked I'm sure but at the moment its just three wonderful seperate 2 page package of fresh picked intrigue. So invested in this one already!

Aquila just superb, from a staggeringly designed flashback page rich in guilt, to an act of self appeasement - or at least an attempt, to villains circling this is just wonderfully done.

As is Department K Blackcurrent's dramatic entrance to short lived our heroes enter an alien nest and seem to face danger, but that's as short lived as Blackcurrant's enterance giving us a fantastic ending and so much to learn.

Skip Tracer... well last weeks gave this potential and this week it lands it. Lands it very, very well. This is a superb episode and its a crying shame, almost cruel that its still the least good thing in the Prog BUT this time it is nothing to do with the story here, rather how good - how exceptional the things around it are. In many Prog I'd have happy hailed this top thrill... or there abouts. We've been given a reason to cry. Blake is given the humanity, he needs and that means all the action and the turn on the last page is made to matter. Now come on keep this up and we might have a story as good as the second one.

And after a Prog this good Tharg can still save the best until last. Chimpsky does not does nail the landing, the story it lands the double-double dismount. This is just fantastic. Brutal and charming, chilling and thrilling, funny and sad. Just a perfect strip and I'm sop glad this series, given its chance to blossom outside of Dredd has not only seized it opportunity but grabbed it with both hands, squeezed all the thrillpower out of it and injected same straight into out thrillglands. Just bloody brilliant stuff and I can't wait for this to be back.

So yeah we had some great prog in the last few years but this one is right, RIGHT up there. Just a shame we had to wait until Tuesday to hear all about it!

“Many atomised husks have been found clutching my Mighty Organ”
-you dirty boy, Tharg (hyuk hyuk)….

A good solid prog

Dredd – Another Wagner Dredd this time art is provided by John Higgins. Great introduction to the new arc especially the first two pages. Higgins’s art is superb especially the colouring by Sally Hurst. As the story progress we are introduced too few characters and this night be a tale about revenge, but the last panel might suggest something different.

Aquila – As our heroes’ journey continues it is a time for reflections about our memories/sins/misdeeds. A lot more talking this episode and some fun moments to add. The story ends with a nice cliff-hanger and our heroes will face the “wrath of a god”.

Department K – The story continues as another set of heroes continue perilous journey into the heart of the beast. Our heroes are stalked by an external threat as Blackcurrant realized. A good climax ending with our heroes facing the threat. Good art by Cornwell and the story has certainly picked-up.

Skip Tracer – Well this episode was quite good as it did not follow the normal episodic formula.  We now know what the title of the story means and where the plot will lead us. We also get introduced to an old friend as the episode closes.

Chimpsky – The first solo series of Chimpksy comes to an end and it was a delightful debut series and hopefully this is not the last we see off our hero. 

Cover by Toby Willsmer:

Cover and Logo:


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