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Shaggy Dog Story v Roadhouse - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Relaunch: Game 01

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Colin YNWA:
Shaggy Dog Story v Roadhouse - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Relaunch: Game 01

Next in the Qualifying groups ties from the Relaunch Stories Region, Group 1.

All you need do is vote for your favourite between:

Shaggy Dog Story - more info


Roadhouse - more info

Just reply in this thread naming your favourite of these two stories at the beginning of your post (or use Bold tags so I can spot it easy) and say what you like about these wonderful stories after that.

Match ends early on the morning of Thursday 29th July and the winner (I’ll count up who gets the most votes basically) gets 3 points towards qualifying… huh…

… there’s a spreadsheet to make following easier… if you fancy. If not, don’t worry just VOTE!!!!

What on Earth is all this?

Why on Tharg’s Earth head are we doing this?

Any questions, just ask as ever - and have FUN!

I can not believe this, I have not read Roadhouse. So I will abstain from voting this round

Shaggy Dog Story

I, Cosh:
As well as being a fun story, Roadhouse is the only relaunch Strontium Dog story to be published in glorious monochrome, as nature intended. A triumphant winner.

Just a general question related to Johnny Alpha stories: after the final solution what was the next Alpha story to be publish, was it "The Kreeler Conspiracy"?


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