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Shaggy Dog Story v Roadhouse - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Relaunch: Game 01

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Trooper McFad:
Shaggy dog story for me

Leigh S:
See, that ending is one of the many things I love about Shaggy Dog story - Roadhouse is fine and all, but Shaggy Dog is what I wanted from the flashbacks in terms of world building (as opposed to RH's literal worldS building!) - Shaggy Dog Story

--- Quote from: Dark Jimbo on 26 July, 2021, 11:12:45 AM ---Shaggy Dog Story is... fine. But it's one joke stretched much too far, and not hugely memorable as a story. And such a damp squib of an ending - after all that, Alpha has to just let the villain go?!

Roadhouse was the first long-form Strontium Dog Story I read in its entirety, and made me go 'Ah, okay. I get it.' Oodles of fun, stuffed full of distinct characters, and in glorious black and white. It's Journey into Hell done right.

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Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: I, Cosh on 26 July, 2021, 08:54:47 AM ---
--- Quote from: broodblik on 26 July, 2021, 08:51:40 AM ---Just a general question related to Johnny Alpha stories: after the final solution what was the next Alpha story to be publish, was it "The Kreeler Conspiracy"?

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Unless you count Judgement Day, then yes. Full listings here: Strontium Dog on Barney.

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Plus a couple of Specials as well - see the new A-Z listing.


Roadhouse gets my vote.

Rogue Judge:
I like the B&W art of Roadhouse (with bits of red lettering for some reason) but prefer the humorous Shaggy Dog Story.

Want to see Wulf bald? Look no further...just glad a bald Gronk wasn't in this one. My eyes couldn't handle what is happening under that fur.


--- Quote from: broodblik on 26 July, 2021, 07:06:22 AM ---I can not believe this, I have not read Roadhouse. So I will abstain from voting this round

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Just read it so here is my vote: Shaggy Dog Story


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