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Shaggy Dog Story v Roadhouse - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Relaunch: Game 01

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Dog Deever:
Shaggy Dog was great and all, but Roadhouse takes it reasonably comfortably for me.

Colin YNWA:
Just today to go here, so if anyone wants to get their votes in now is the chance to do so. Beginning to have holiday morning sleep ins so scoring might be slightly later, but don't take the chance - vote now!!!!

So I will... hmmm both of these have come up in my re-read pretty recently and... damnit if either made too much of an impression if I'm honest. Roadhouse was a little more imaginative and had more flair, so on that basis:


Colin YNWA:

Well today's votes have been close, a little quiet, but tight and interesting. Here it was always going one way, but the other story never quite let go and was always on the tail of the winning story, nipping and giving itself a chance. In the end though one story was always just about there wins:

Shaggy Dog Story

Shaggy Dog Story  3   2
The Tax Dodge       0   0
The Roadhouse      0   -2


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