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The Mork Whisper V Blood Moon - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Relaunch: Game 02

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Rogue Judge:
Ah this is a difficult choice! The Mork Whisperer has the Western elements that I love and Blood Moon has the war elements I like (I least prefer the stories with supernatural elements).

With that said, as much as I enjoy how the Mork Whisperer unfolds while read, I'm going to have to go with Blood Moon. It was just more impactful to me after reading.

Dog Deever:
I get what Funt says about the design of Blood Moon- I was disappointed with how he looked in comparison to other S/D villains.
The Mork Whisperer was another cracking Alpha tale, however I can't help but feel it's a little bit throwaway next to the sense of gravitas in Blood Moon.

So Blood Moon for me, despite how he looked.

Colin YNWA:
Last chance saloon for voting here. I'll close this one off in the morning and annouce the winner then.

For me - well the opposite of the other vote today, each of these has much to offer. I do however want to like Blood Moon more than I do. Great villain, great insights into Johnny's past, fantastic ending... BUT it drifts at times and feels over extended to me. Mork Whisperer on the other hand does what Stontium Dog does best. Its a sharp western and so much as I like Blood Moon and want to love it as it feels important there's no doubt:

The Mork Whisperer

Colin YNWA:

Well if the other vote ending today was close this one has given us our first tie. It was neck and neck nip and tuck nothing could seperate these two. Both fantastic stories and the quality and consistancy of Wagner and Ezquerra later work on the strip is symbolised here:


Blood Moon                  1   0
The Mork Whisperer    1   0
Kreeler Conspiracy      0   0


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