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The Mork Whisper V Blood Moon - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Relaunch: Game 02

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Barrington Boots:
Mork Whisperer also gets my vote.
There's nothing wrong with Blood Moon: it's got some excellent things to say - but my favourite SD stories are generally the more Western / Bounty Hunter themed ones rather than war stories. Also, as others have said, Mork Whisperer is happier.

Dark Jimbo:
I like that Mork Whisperer allows Alpha to get his end away (It can't all be about business, Johnny!) but there's really no contest here for me. Blood Moon is phenomenal, such a bravura story. Easily the equal of any classic-era tale you care to name. Also the only 2k story ever to feature my hometown of Winchester, so I think I'd have to vote for it just for that reason!

Trooper McFad:
Blood moon for me

Leigh S:
Can't disagree here - Nothing wrong with TMW, but Blood Moon presses the right buttons in terms of canon and character development

Funt Solo:
Mork Whisperer for me - sorry to be negative, but I didn't like the character design on Blood Moon as I found it incongruous.


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