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Prog 2242 - Judging The Judges!

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This week's prog in brief:

Dredd: Satisfying dose of Wagnerian gravitas.

Skip Tracer: Disappointing fridging leaves underdeveloped lead holding baby

Department K: Intriguing escalation (or should that be egg-scalation)

Sinister: Exposition as only Abnett can deliver it

Aquila: A refined mix of problem-solving and extreme violence.

In summary, then: Breezes.

Cover by Clint Langley:

Cover and Logo:


--- Quote from: Goosegash on 26 July, 2021, 10:17:58 PM ---
Skip Tracer: Disappointing fridging leaves underdeveloped lead holding baby

--- End quote ---

TBH that is an incredibly accurate summation.  I find myself slowly joining the throng of people who have little time for Skip Tracer.  In fact it may be that the title itself becomes dangerously accurate ...

Barrington Boots:
Nice cover but not a brilliant Prog for me this week.

Dredd: Feels a little slower this week as Dredd takes time explaining the copycat killer isn't relevant to the story (unless it is) - other than that, this is cool stuff.

Skip Tracer: Well, we all hoped this was turning a corner after the last series and it did: it's got worse. This is poor stuff.

Department K: Still not interested in this but it looks great (love that frame of Estaban tackling the alien)

Sinister: Not interested in this either sadly, so not much to say beyond Sinister is incredibly annoying here.

Aquila: Second episode in a row that's looked tremendous but left me feeling a bit unsatisfied. I think it may be the format: each episode has been adversery arrives (pirates, Cronos, warring armies etc) and then the heroes beat them and move onto next episode. It's all very good, but also feels like it could be better at this point (as much as a bloke charging into the ear of a titan can be bettered).

My not enjoying Department K and Sinister are on me, but Skip Tracer feels like it's used up it's goodwill by now. Can we have Paul Marshall on something else please?


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