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Max Bubba (Ragnarok) V The Bitch - Bolt-01 Cup - Qualifying - Epic: Game 04

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Trooper McFad:
Max Bubba for me

Barrington Boots:

--- Quote from: Leigh S on 28 July, 2021, 09:30:51 AM ---Two flawed tales here.  Bitch is a bt too long and the REd/Alpha relationship is unhealthy in more ways than the writers intended.

--- End quote ---

Excellent point, this aspect of the story is weird and mildy uncomfortable. What's up with that shower scene? Might have a rethink on this.

This might be heresy and I’m risking being run out of town but, I don’t think Carlos’s art was suited to the Viking scenes. I have always thought certain artists suit certain types of story and historical sword / axe stuff isn’t a good match for Carlos. For instance I’ve never wanted to see his take on Slaine.

Space Westerns on the other hand….

Currently there is a sale on for the digital versions of the S/D Agency Files as well as the Final Solution:


Rogue Judge:
Max Bubba (Ragnarok Job) for sure, for all its significance and finally getting to see Wulf's origin.

I'm surprised by the the dislike of the trolls and goblins here - I really enjoyed those aspects of the story. I thought they fit in perfectly with Vikings and time travel. There are plenty of mutants, supernatural beings and aliens in SD, how do the trolls and goblins fit any less?

Regarding Carlos art here, you won't get run out of town, fair opinion. I, however, think he draws killer vikings (Wulf is the original Viking of SD afterall) - I think he blends mutant bounty hunters, soldiers and vikings as good as anyone could have. Maybe not your match for Carlos but certainly no dip in the quality of his art here. It doesn't get any better than Wulf killing dragons with der happy-stick and Johhny sending trolls to the Doghouse using a time grenade!

Just thought I'd comment as the time hopping and trolls were a highlight for me, a very different environment from the other space/earth/planets that were used to seeing. Each to their own, the joy of voting!


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