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Prog 2244 - Less than Nero!

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Colin YNWA:
No Prog review already - have I missed something?

Anyway mine landed today and its... decent. There a couple of real highs, couple bubbling under and the Terror Tale.

Top spots are Dredd and Aquila, both stories on their penultimate episode and both devine. Craft and class oozing from every panel.

Second tie goes to Dexter and Skip Tracer. Dexter is pretty good, the art is close, but lack the clean line and crafted characters of Steve Yeowell. The story is hotting up, even if Dabnett did seem to be realllllyyyy trying to make it clear why Alura isn't offing Dexter! Then Sinister turns up and BOOM! It all kids off. Skip Tracer is still working for me. Its not setting the world alight and we can do without cliche lines like "Is that the best you've got?" But I'm still invested in the potential father daughter aspect and it cranking up well.

The Terror Tale - well damn it tried so hard to be interesting and twisty but it just didn't engage and I had to keep forcing myself back into to get to the end and still didn't really care.

Overall feels like a Prog where the best strips are whining down and something is around the corner (it is the next Regened).

Cover by Patrick Goddard and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:


Well a serviceable prog and at this stage wither we wait for a wrap-up or for something new. A good cover but for some reason the coloring did not work for me - maybe it should have been more colorful.

Dredd – The Dredd story continues its rich vein of form with a wonderfully told tale by the maestro Wagner. As Dredd’s investigation warp-up we need enter the final stretch.

Skip Tracer – Still very much a cliché the story but serviceable at least.  We will soon see a father daughter day, and this might not be your normal story about what daddy’s work is.

Dexter – The story is definitely heating up and I am quite surprised that this part I am enjoying although still a lot of talking. The story ends with a nice cliff-hanger.

Terror Tales - Not the best terror story and did not tingle my interest. These stories are always a hit or a miss.

Aquila – Sharing the laurels with Dredd this round as Aquila gets his “price”. The real price his soul most likely this tale will only be unfold in Book 2.

I dug out the original Letter From A Democrat, that the current Dredd is calling back to. Helpfully, the year 2108 is given in the story, making it easy to find in the Case Files. I was surprised and delighted to see that that was also illustrated by John Higgins, with some of the flashback frames referencing the original. That’s what I love about Dredd advancing in real time, how it can draw on decades of story history.


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