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Prog 2245 - Gun Shark!

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Colin YNWA:
Oh its a Saturday Prog
The wait is not a Slog
Recently its been in the week
When it does the weekend is bleak
But when it shows up on time I'm... happy... damnit...

And can we say first off WOW! What a cover. So fizzy, exciting, and it bursts with thrillpower. Well done the Harrison Droid that one is a contender (as is the cover for next weeks - assuming the add at the end will be the cover.

Inside ain't too shabby either.

Dredd - is just fantastic the end is cruel and the underlined by an unsurprising No.1 in the countdown. Masterful.

Skip Tracer - all action BUT WE CARE so its entertaining and matters. Again its not setting the world on fire but... well actually this is a really good episode.

As is Dexter so much action and wit packed it. Things move on at a right ol' pace and even if I'm not really diggin' Bulletopia overall this is the Sinister Dexter I love. And a chilling ending.

And Thought Bubble winners Paul Starkey and James Newell produce a cracking Terror Tale. its funny last weeks, from seasoned vets missed the mark entirely. This one is tight, straightforward yet still really effective. Great play on an old idea. wonderful one off.

And finally Aquila comes to the end of this run with a stunning episode. This one, like Dexter, like Skip Tracer, like the cover just cuts to it, stabs at you with energy and excitment and absolutely finds its mark. This has been my favourite Aquila story to date and the ending, bridging well to the next part with an 'I am' moment works really well.

Absolutely crackin' Prog under a crackling cover.

Cover by Mark Harrison:

Cover and Logo:

One thing I like about this cover is how the logo is being shot to bits

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: broodblik on 14 August, 2021, 08:02:36 PM ---One thing I like about this cover is how the logo is being shot to bits

--- End quote ---

Yeah but you can still read it clearly.


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