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Prog 2246 Regened - It's a Monster

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Sean SD:
My Top 3 for Prog 2246 Regened

1st - 'Splorers - Top thrill for me by some margin. Art was spot on, story was fun with 'in' jokes for us oldies. Perfect all ages material. I preferred 'Splorers to Survival Geeks actually.

2nd - Mayflies - Gritty future war adjacent story with Coleby and Teague reminding me I should buy the Jaegir trade. Nod to Ace Trucking at the end  :)

3rd - Chopper - Was a fun story touching on Chopper's origins etc. Chopper is great for Regened IMO

Also will add that Finder and Keeper is still one of my Regened faves so more Finder and Keeper pls Tharg


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