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Prog 2247 - Sick Building Syndrome

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Starting it off with the awesome Percival cover art & Dredd inside:

And the printed version:

Quite a contrast to last week's Prog but always up for a spooky story  :)

3 new thrills? It’s a QJOP! (Quasi-Jumping On Prog)

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: MumboJimbo on 28 August, 2021, 08:57:39 PM ---3 new thrills? It’s a QJOP! (Quasi-Jumping On Prog)

--- End quote ---

Its more like filling the gaps before a relaunch BUT Tharg is getting better at this and he's filling it with decent stuff.

Dredd is magnificent - Kenneth Neimand seems to be finding another beat for his drum, which is just what he needed to do. This one is creepy as hell and therefore Nick Percival's art is perfect for it.

Skip Tracer has another good episode - okay so 'Don't you ever... say... her... name." gets its standard hard man movie cliche in  - but aside from that its very good.

Dexter has another great episode as Ray and Finny come face to face and we get a surprise return.

Both these thrills are cranking up the... well thrills as they head toward their ends before 2250 (i assume).

3riller - The Mask of Laverna - rattles though some set up in an effective manner that just forgets to give us a hook to really care. Its interesting I'm just no bought in just having been interesting by a lot of events, not characters yet.

Jaegir in its opener gives us all the character we need and man is Jaegir's going down an even darker path and at the end... well is this going to be the very zenith of 'daddy issues'? Who knows yet but its a grimly entertaining journey finding out.

When I looked through this prior to reading I got a little heavy hearted it just screamed pre-jump on Prog filler... then I read it and it screamed thriller. Good stuff Tharg.

The Corinthian:
Given that they're both back in the strip at the same time is there any reason why it's not yet being called 'Sinister Dexter' again.


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