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Prog 2247 - Sick Building Syndrome

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--- Quote from: The Corinthian on 29 August, 2021, 11:47:35 AM ---Given that they're both back in the strip at the same time is there any reason why it's not yet being called 'Sinister Dexter' again.

--- End quote ---

I thought it seemed fairly clear that Sinister was dead, and this is basically his technologically-reanimated corpse. (Which isn't to say they won't deprogramme him by the end and return to the usual shenanigans, but at the current stage in the story, it's still Dexter's strip, I feel.)

Leigh S:
Am I mmisremebering the Sinsiter focuses episodes are called "SInister" and vice versa?  Presumably, once reunited the title will return..

More Neimand?  Neice! 

The strip is only called Sinister Dexter when they're partners. When they're adversaries it's called something else (see Downlode Tales).

Barrington Boots:
Post bank-holiday, post-Regened Prog review. Tbh this one, on the whole, didn't sparkle for me.

Dredd - it's a set up episode and feels like a bit of an ordinary start, but has potential to be cool: I'm puzzled by Dredd telling the other judge to disregard spooky stories of the haunted block when he himself spends a load of time fighting all sorts of supernatural stuff.. I'm not a fan of Nick Percivals art myself as I find it feels a bit static, but that's very much a personal thing and I can't deny the craft at work here.

Skip Tracer it's cliche-fest sadly, but there are some terrific panels here using Nimrod's cyber-eye: the one at the top of page 3 is great! Really enjoyed this episode visually.

Dexter same as before really, all interest has been sucked out of this especially with one protagonist (antagonist now, I suppose) now unkillable. Some lovely kinetic violence in the art on the final page however.

3riller - Sets the story up and it's ready to kick off. I remember enjoying the previous Thriller with Delphi but can't actually remember much about it so I need to go back and reread that, I think. Cool art from Steven Austin - I'd actually quite like to see this in black and white.

Jaegir Delighted to see this back and things certainly seem to have taken a darker turn. The Nordland looks superbly dour and the Norts themselves remain all impressively ugly, and I liked the holographic conversation / flashback giving us the backstory. Atalia going full on baddie seems soul-crushingly inevitable - I'd read a strip about Klaur and Reesa having adventures if it came to it though. This is a grim story and I am really into it: the downside being I'm assuming we're only getting three episodes, if 2250 is a jumping on Prog, or am I wrong?


--- Quote from: Barrington Boots on 31 August, 2021, 11:07:23 AM ---Jaegir ....the downside being I'm assuming we're only getting three episodes, if 2250 is a jumping on Prog, or am I wrong?

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Yes 2250 is a jump-on but it ight not be the case that Jaegir is only 3 episodes it might even end in 2250. Lasyt year's jump-on-prog contained the third part of the Sin/Dex story. I really like Jaegir so hopefully we can have more than less


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