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Prog 2248 - Death Wish

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Colin YNWA:
Well that cover must be going down as a contender for the best of the year, fantastic.

Dredd - Another superb episode, Neimand has had 'some' lately. Dark and entertaining.

Skip Tracer - Another very good episode. The development of the Blake's daughter is pushing this to very satisfying areas its not reached until the story about his brother. This story needs to keep it in the family!

Dexter - very satifying end to the current story, all action - and yet another gap it would seem so we are all action, no traction alas.

3riller - The Mask of Laverna - hmmm this one is... I don't know maybe on read but its not engaging me here.

Jaegir - Another interesting episode - this one will be done too soon!

Decent Prog to say the least.

Cover by Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

Barrington Boots:
I don't know if it's the joy of it arriving on a Saturday morning, but after being a bit down on last weeks Prog I am a lot more positive about this one.

The cover is superb: striking and combining Kali with an almost Jesus-like pose for Atalia. It's super evocative and I love it.

Dredd - Didn't dig this at all. There's an interesting idea at the heart of the story but I think it loses the creepy atmosphere once the zombies arrive (and zombies can bore off). A rare flat tale from Kenneth Niemand.

Skip Tracer - Taken out of context, this was an enjoyable episode. Looks great, moves quick, Nimrod getting Thanos-d was cool. Not sure if it's an intended comment from the author or not, but when Nimrod quotes a bit of MacBeth here and describes Nolan as the 'idiot full of sound and fury and signifying nothing' this is unfortunately a great summation of a lot of Skip Tracer.

Dexter - My dislike of where this strip has ended up is known, but that aside this was also a very enjoyable episode. There's a lot of action and it's actually pretty exciting - a bit cinematic almost, lovely stuff from Tazio Bettin drawing Kalinka doing all sorts of badass robot stuff. Once again the tale it wraps up just as it heats up.

The Mask of Laverna - Perfectly enjoyable 3riller this, bit of an old school feel, packs a lot in. On the downside, Delphi's smart-ass dialogue is annoying this episode however and doesn't endear me to want to see more. 

Jaegir - Just wonderful stuff. I am so into this story. Only three episodes though! Can only hope this is getting everything set up for a proper, longer run to come (and soon)

Skip Tracer did that last issue, too, with “so predictable”. What’s this on now, part 11 or 12? Blimey. Feels a lot like a dependable fill-in that can run for long periods, like some of the strips in the 1980s that were kind of just there.

I’m warmer on Laverna and Dredd than Mr Boots, but otherwise broadly though the same, so:

Jaegir (nice cover, too) > The Mask of Laverna > Dredd > Dexter > Skip Tracker


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