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Y the Last Man on Disney+

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Well, that's kinda the plot.


--- Quote from: Tiplodocus on 17 September, 2021, 02:20:04 PM ---I have to ask the obvious question... "Why is all men dying SUCH a disaster?" Well, short term anyway.

--- End quote ---
In the book, it’s all males, rather than all men. Beyond the severe shock this would cause regarding everyone’s son/father/brother/etc dying, there are countless practical implications. In the book, the point is made that most airline pilots are men, hence planes falling out of the sky. A number of nuclear programmes are male-oriented in terms of maintenance, which would cause power issues. Food supply would be hit extremely hard. And then there’s the future of a planet where the vast majority of species are on the very brink of extinction.

The book is a good yarn, but it was pretty light touch on all those things, I thought.

I loved the comic, pretty much the first thing I read each month when it came out. But the way society, especially TV-series-watching society talks and thinks about gender these days would have to have an enormous impact on how you told this specific story. I'm concerned it will have to try very hard to take those issues seriously - and they ARE serious issues - to the extent that there won't be much room left for the fun side of 'what if this crazy thing happened'.

It is ok series so far. Unfortunately the only thing they did get right is Agent 355.

The Enigmatic Dr X:
...and now it's cancelled.


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