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Roger Simian:
I'd be interested in reading about aspects of the 2000ad universe that we don't get to see in the comics. Eg a collection of wild Hunter S Thomson / New Journalism style reports from the Dredd world: 'Fear And Loathing In Mega-City One' or 'Fear And Loathing In The Cursed Earth' etcetera. Have you never wondered how the Gonzo hack writers would have reported from the front-lines of Dredd's universe?

Or a book of erotic short stories by established writers like Alan Grant, John Wagner etcetera mixed in with newer writers.  There's a long tradition of SF writers like Samual R Delaney writing erotica.

Prose books can cover all kinds of areas that don't come across well or that you're not ALLOWED to show in a kid's comic - although, the one-off SEX issue of 2000AD (prog 1066) got away with it 'cause it wasn't for sale to children - so, it'd be good to try things that haven't been done before.  

I think these are the kind of ideas writers could really get their teeth into and they wouldn't have to spend half a year writing them cause they'd be short stories.  Might even attract some non-comic readers into the 2000AD universe.

Thread Zero:
How can you write erotic Dredd storys?

I'd love to know!

No seriously Roger, how do you?

scojo pure of mind

>How can you write erotic Dredd storys?

First, study Rico's daystick fight in Sector House.


W. R. Logan:
At 05:26 31/10/01 -0600, you wrote:
>How can you write erotic Dredd storys?
>I[backslash]'d love to know!
>No seriously Roger, how do you?
>scojo pure of mind

I once had a Dredd has sex text story for '79, it never saw the light of day for many reasons 8-)

He nodded. He made for the apt door. He was pulling on his gloves as he went.
"Just  don't  get  it,"  he said  to  himself,  shaking  his  head  in bewilderment. "Tried  it, still don't know what  all the drokking  fuss is about."

La Placa Rifa,
W. R. Logan.Link: The Class Of '79

Thread Zero:
Good one that Logan!

But seriously, I don't know whether Dredd is suited to erotic storylines.

Can't see it working. But you never know I guess!



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