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O Lucky Stevie!:
i know that i've stated this before, but i think it's an idea that bears tremendous promise:

stephen baxter (the current great white hope of english sf, for all you "media"-types) is on the record for being a huge comics fan. rebellion should approach him.

pat cadigan (the seminal queen of THE MOVEMENT aka cyberpunk) has recently had to resort to writing 'lost in space' franchise books. she could do such wonders with 2000ad characters & concepts.

loved alan dean foster's novelisations as well (particularly 'dark star', & his ghostwriting of 'star wars' [episode 4: the new hope] contained some wonderful prose), but as a writer i think that he's gone tremendously downhill in the last decade or so (glory stones was utter bilge, not remotely near the dizzying heights he scaled with 'nor crystal tears'). vonda mcintyre did absolute miracles with her novelisations of those trek films too.

oh, & whilst we're talking books, who else thought that the opening scene in greg egan's incendinary 'distress' read like brendan mccarthy illustrated dredd?


steven l'enfant terrible

O Lucky Stevie!:
oh, & in my books pat cadigan whup william gibson's pale butt every time she sets words to print.

hey, what about inviting rudy rucker along to play with the 2000ad toys as well. whoah, if john wagner is too busy to write a roobo-hunter novel, rudy's the business.

just rememembered another THE MOVEMENT (aka cyberpunk)?2000ad connection: john shirley's work for the aborted strontium dog tv series.

steven l'enfant terrible

Thread Zero:
I think writing a decent 2K novel is going to be hard for even the most respected writer.

I know they will do extensive research but there is something worrying about getting a writer to write a novel if they have never read the character before.

I don't know how many of the writers you lot have mentioned here read or have read 2k.

Just a thought.


O Lucky Stevie!:
bruce sterling doing sinister dexter. now that would be sweet...


steven lenfant terrible

Dominic O'Rourke:
do they need to read the comic? surely not, as with other noveilisations surely there is an editorial reference sheet (similar to what they have for artists) with age, history, motivation etc, esp for dredd, no new author should need to read 23 years of comics just to have a grasp on the character.

as for Pat Cadigan, never heard of her, can you give me some titles?

Jeff Noon - there's a brendan McCarthy writer if there was one, read automated alice, or vurt or pollen (oh thats all except for his poetry - man/dog taxi drivers in manchester 20 seconds into the future you'll love it)


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